Learn How To Edit Images In Photoshop or Lightroom Without Prior Experience Even If
You Are A Beginner


Why Do You Need A Tutor?


The quickest way to learn how to use Photoshop and Lightroom to post-process your images is to get someone to teach you. A tutor is your shortcut to achieve your goal in the quickest time.


A tutor helps you identified your gaps and what you really need to focus to improve your techniques. You will be held accountable to make sure you are making progress.


A tutor can answer your questions any time and walk you through any topics you are not sure about. The learning experience is entirely personalized and you are in control of what you learn. 


Ideal for those who likes to have an intensive one-on-one session. There will be no interruption and you are the only one on focus during the whole training session.

About the Author

I started using Photoshop in 2003 (CS version) and adopted Lightroom when it was introduced in 2007. These two are the default editing software for all my images, which have been published in books, magazine, websites and exhibition. In terms of my HDR workflow, I have used HDR software in the past but found it to be very limiting when it comes to creativity. Now, I create my images with exposure blending in Photoshop. Personally, I think it is way better than using HDR software because I'm always in full control of the aesthetic of my images. Whether your aim is creating HDR or non-HDR images, I'm here to teach you how to post-process your images using Photoshop and Lightroom to achieve a professional look.

"Photography is 70% post-processing, 25% camera and 5% of luck"

yao pey yong

What can you get from tutoring?

The complete HDR workflow. I can show you any steps you are not familiar with, from setting up camera to post-processing your HDR images.

Using Photoshop or Lightroom can be daunting for a beginner. I can teach you how to process your images using these industrial standard software.

Exposure blending is an acquired skill and there is a learning curve, particularly the advance techniques. I can walk you through each technique step-by-step.

Arrange Your Training Session Today!

  • $59 per hour.
  • Through Skype call.
  • We will set your learning objectives before training sessions.
  • Sessions are recorded for you to replay.