I thought it would be a good idea to list all the resources I have used throughout my photography journey. Everything here has been used/tested personally by myself. They have helped me in different ways and I hope they will do the same for you. Just so you know, some of these are affiliate links.


through strange lenses

Jimmy McIntyre is a professional travel photographer. His courses particularly The Art of Digital Blending will open your eyes to the world of luminosity masks and blending. If you are brand new to luminosity masks and want to learn how you can use this technique to improve your photos, this is the course for you! You can read my review on the video course here.


Aaron Nace is a brilliant guy and Photoshop master. Phlearn is all about Photoshop and the courses suit beginner and advanced user. Photoshop 101-301 is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to use Photoshop. It is also ideal for intermediate users to discover useful tips and tricks that you never knew it exists!


High quality photography courses taught by professional photographers. The course materials are delivered in a relaxing lecture style. Apart from premium courses, it also streams live courses for free.


Udemy is a fantastic resource centre that hosts video courses. I've taken courses in photography, Photoshop and graphic design. The courses are of good quality and highly affordable.

tony kuyper

Tony is the pioneer of luminosity masks. He first published this technique on his website back in 2006. The site is a gold mine for anyone wanting to learn luminosity masks. Make sure you take your time to read through the vast amount of information.

sean bagshaw

Sean's has a series of video tutorials on camera and post-processing skills. I enjoy his teaching style and his Complete Guide to Luminosity Masks dives deep into the application of the technique.


Adobe photoshop

The grand master of all image editing software. Powerful and versatile, with many compatible third party plugins to boost your creativity. Photoshop + Lightroom are the gold standard image processing software in the industry. Get a 7-day trial for FREE.

Adobe lightroom

Lightroom has to be my favourite tool to edit, organise and tag images. There are plenty of free tutorials on the internet to teach how you to use Lightroom to its full potential (not just sorting your images into albums!). I highly recommend getting the photography package deal for more value.

I have used Photomatix for my HDR ever since I started. I love the de-ghosting tool which removes ghosting created by moving objects in a few clicks. It comes as a standalone or plugin for Lightroom. You can get a 15% discount with the code "fotographee".

Nik software

I use Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro in my workflow frequently. It gives your image that extra oomph to make the transformation from ordinary to stunning! You can now get a 30-day trial for free.


If you're starting out new and don't have many images to practice post-processing, get some here for free. Donate to the site if you like the service.

Another site that offers free stock images. Unsplash offers many high quality images to download. You can also create an account and contribute to the site. You might get noticed and who knows what opportunities await you!

Save time from navigating through the menus and spend more time on what matters. Learn the keyboard shortcuts to your favorite tools to improve workflow efficiency.