Practical Luminosity Masks

Go beyond the basic and use luminosity masks to its full potential to get the results you want!

Why PLM?

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    Go beyond the basic. Discover how to use luminosity masks to its full potential.
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    Advanced application of luminosity masks that are not taught in other similar courses.
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    25 videos, 29 image files & free Photoshop Actions to help you master this technique to become a power user.

Want To Use Luminosity Masks But Want To Do More Than Just Basic Adjustments?

Luminosity masks is a powerful selection tool but many people give up very quickly because they find it too difficult to understand. Here are some of the common challenges people have when learning how to use luminosity masks:

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    Where can I use​ luminosity masks?
  • 2
    Hard to figure out the right luminosity mask to use!
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    How to integrate luminosity masks into my workflow?
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    I wasn't able to customize masks.
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    How to improve contrast with midtones?

What's more?

Even when they do, they don't know how to go beyond the basic to make full use of luminosity masks. They get stuck at applying tonal and color adjustments only....but the application is so much more than that!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" - Albert Einstein

How Can PLM Help You?

​Basic LM Skills

The step-by-step instructional videos is structured to help you fly through the learning curve of LM and start incorporating it into your workflow.

​Becoming A Power User

While basic LM skills are good enough, you will discover how to use it creatively at an advanced level, e.g. dodge & burn, sharpening, etc.

​Beyond Luminosity Masks

Can't get the selection you need with LM? No problem, you will discover how to use advanced masking techniques to bail you out of difficult situations.



You have the best Luminosity Masks Tutorials out there. Really amazing stuff.

- David Hughes

Course Content: What You Are Going To Learn

Module 1

The Fundamentals

7 Training Videos

Module 2

Basic Applications

8 Training Videos

Module 3

Advanced Techniques

10 Training Videos

Highlights of Practical Luminosity Masks:


Brights, Darks and Midtones Luminosity Masks Explained

There are three sets of luminosity masks. You will discover how each set of mask works, how the luminance transitions across the masks and which area on your image the masks are going to select. All are explained using a visual tool - the gradient map.

How To Decide Which Luminosity Mask To Choose?

One of the dilemmas everyone faces. So many masks to choose, which one is the right one?! One way is to choose a mask visually based on how bright or dark the areas are selected. In PLM, you will discover another way to utilize a tool you probably use day in and day out to objectively decide which mask to use!

How To Refine Luminosity Masks

You will often find none of the masks you created has the exact selection you need. This can be very frustrating and it makes you want to give up sometimes. But there is a solution! In this course, you will discover how to refine a mask in many different ways so the selection has exactly what you need for your adjustment.

Learn How To Dodge & Burn With Luminosity Masks and More...

Don't stop with basic...Most people use luminosity masks for tonal and color adjustments only. PLM will help you discover more creative ways to use luminosity masks. The sky is the limit and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Advanced Masking Techniques

Luminosity masks is a powerful selection tool but it is not perfect. Sometimes, what you need is not luminosity masks. You will discover other advanced masking techniques that will come to your rescue when luminosity masks is not the right tool for the job for you.

What You'll Get...

25 videos + 29 image files + Photoshop Actions...and (scroll down!)

+ Bonus Module

If you get Practical Luminosity Masks now, you will receive the bonus module for FREE. This extra module contains case studies with complete editing workflow + my top 10 tips in editing with luminosity masks.


IN TOTAL = 28 videos (>2 hours of training) + 35 image files + Photoshop Actions + bonus module


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How long have you been wanting to level up your photography skills?

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Summary of What You’ll Get...

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    28 training videos
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    + 35 free image files to practice 
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    + Free Photoshop Actions
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    + Bonus module

All these now for just:


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"I created the course I wished I had when I was learning luminosity masks. I'm confident you'll gain a lot from it."

yao pey yong


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