How To Setup Your Camera To Shoot HDR Photography

how to take hdr photography camera settings

HDR photography is a tool to circumvent a common issue with digital cameras… That it cannot capture the full dynamic range in the presence of extreme contrast. One way to get around this is to use HDR technique. This means bracketing exposures and merging them later in post-processing. But what is the optimal setup for exposure bracketing? In this post, …

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HDR Photography Glossary

hdr photography glossary

Are you new to HDR photography? Too many big words that sound alien to you? Here’s a jargon-buster-glossary to help you kickstart your journey in the art of creating HDR images. Anything that I missed? Just leave a comment so I can add it to the list for the benefit of other HDR enthusiasts! 16-bit – More precisely, 16-bit/channel. …

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How To Optimize Image Dynamic Range Without HDR Photography

optimize image dynamic range hdr photography

When you’re facing a high dynamic range scene, it’s easy to just give in and bracket multiple exposures to merge into HDR. This is particularly true in landscape photography, but you can get high dynamic range scene in literally any situation. Apart from becoming a photographer with the technical ability to create good images, we should …

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