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Want To Master Luminosity Masks In Your Post-Processing Workflow?

Learn from a proven step-by-step course that will transform you to be more efficient and creative in image post-processing using luminosity masks

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Why Luminosity Masks?

Powerful Selection Tool

Create the selection you need effortlessly to apply targeted local adjustment so that your image maintains its natural look.

Built-In Self-Feathering

With self-feathering selection, any tonal or color adjustments you apply will blend in smoothly with the rest of the image.

Infinite Combination

16 masks and the ability to combine, remove or customize each mask, the possibilities are literally endless.


Founder of Fotographee

Hi, I'm Yaopey...I'm a self-taught photographer.

For years I struggled to figure out how to take amazing photographs just like those by other photographers. I thought HDR photography was "the answer" so I started turning everything I shot into HDR until I fell deep into the HDR hole.

Then I discovered that photos are NOT TAKEN but MADE: 70% editing, 25% camera skills and 5% of luck. I started to focus my effort in post-processing and eventually found out about luminosity masks. Not only it opened my eyes but led to a series of events that helped me re-discover photography.

Now I can create the kind of photographs I enjoy and be proud of.

I'm also enjoying photography even more, especially in post-processing because that's where I can be really creative. What comes out in the end is often not what I was expecting but much better!

It's not difficult to master luminosity masks. All you need is time, dedication and the right guidance.

Since you are here, you have already showed your time and let me be your guide by showing you how luminosity masks can transform your photographs and your workflow.

Just click the button below to join my FREE luminosity masks training course.

I'll see you there.